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Adspot - Classified Template

Version 1.0.0

Thanks for purchasing our theme. If you like it please rate it five star. and do let us know if you could not understand anything about this theme, we will try our best to solve your problems. You can leave your question in comments.

XDocs has used power of sass instead of plan css to write better and intelligent css. We use compass for that purpose, and here is how you can setup the compass. Setting and config files are also provided in production folder.

3rd Party Plugins and adons

Bootstrap – See details here

Bootstrap is a front-end framework, as mentioned above adspot template uses sass instead of plan css Hence, it uses sass version of bootstrap aswell. If you want to know anything about bootstrap please read docs provided by bootstrap team, docs are very self explanatory.

Font-awesome – see details here

Awesome icons and very easy to use.

Jquery –

JQuery js library that helps to accomplish complex things in very neat and easy way. Please read documentation provided by jQuery team if you have any question.

Slick carousel – see details here

This template has used slick slider to make carousels in various pages. we highly recommend to see documentations provided by author if you have any question related to it.




The template uses open sans fonts. that could be downloaded form google fonts – visit link

Files have been grouped in folder with respect to file types. please see following image to have better understanding


Sass is beed ornazied in partials so that its easy to update and modify things.

|-partials ( followings are theĀ  partial files in this directory)

1) Default Settings
2) General Styles
3) CSS Transitions
4) Documentation Header
5) Dropdown
6) Section Headings
7) Category Boxes
8) Text Widgets
9) Call to Actions
10) SocialLinks
11) Breadcrumbs
12) Listing Actions on archive pages of shop and ads
13) Search Widget
14) Range Widget
15) Archive/Listing of Ads
16) Ads
17) Ads Single Page
18) Info List
19) Info element with icons
20) Tooltip
21) Email Alerts ( subscription form )
22) Widgets
23) Buttons
24) Form Elements
25) Dashboard
26) Tabs
27) Info Box
26) Accordion with Radio box
27) Progressbar
28) Slick Slider
29) Icon boxes
30) Teams
31) Testimonials
32) Two Column area to show different features for buyers and sellers
33) Blog
34) Default Accordion
35) Hero Banners
36) Category boxes with thumbnail
37) Pricing Tables
38) Cart
39) Subscribe
40) Gallery Slider
41) General Stylings of Shop pages
42) Modals
43) Mobile Menu
44) Sliding nav
45) Alerts
46) Footer

This theme uses Jquery , and its recommended that you see its documentations.

All custom JS is in assets/js/app.js , and code has been categorized as follows:

* General
* Drop downs
* Modal
* Tabs
* Banner
* Form Fields
* Slick carousel
* Progressbar
* Accordion
* Gallery
* Quantity Controls on cart
* Google Maps

Images used are copyrights of their respective authors, has only been used for demo and will not be included in the package.